Why Pool Light Bulbs Are Difficult To Replace

27 November 2018
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When there is something wrong with your swimming pool, you can likely find a contractor who is able to perform the necessary repairs. However, if there is something wrong with your swimming pool light, you might actually have a difficult time finding someone who will be able to replace it. One option is to try to replace the light bulb yourself. Why Some Contractors Don't Replace Light Bulbs Replacing a light bulb in a swimming pool can often be very challenging. Read More 

4 Essential Maintenance Tips For Backyard Pools

8 August 2018
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Most pools, both above and below ground, need regular maintenance in order to remain in good condition. You need to make sure the water is properly treated and that each component is functioning properly to keep the water clean and prevent damage to the pool itself. Follow these pool maintenance tips to make sure your pool doesn't suffer damage because of unintentional neglect. 1. Keep the water level constant. The water level in your pool can go down if your pool is left uncovered in the heat for an extended period of time. Read More 

The Luxury Of A Custom Swimming Pool With An Infinity Edge

29 January 2018
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Have you ever seen an in-ground swimming pool that seems to have no actual edge on one side? This intriguing feature is most commonly known as an infinity edge. It's also called a disappearing, negative, or vanishing edge. If you would love to have a custom swimming pool in your yard and want a creative, imaginative design, this may be just what you're looking for. About This Design Once found only at upscale lodging establishments and in high-end residential neighborhoods, this type of swimming pool has the optical illusion of one side blending directly into the landscape. Read More