Do You Plan to Construct a Swimming Pool? 5 Factors to Guide You

5 April 2021
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Constructing a swimming pool can increase your home's resale value and improve curb appeal. Besides, swimming allows you to relax after a long day and has physical and mental health benefits. You will also gain social benefits because you can bond with your kids at the pool. However, you need to install a quality pool to enjoy these benefits.  

Therefore, you should approach the construction process from an informed angle. The following are factors to guide you when installing a swimming pool.

1. Purpose of the Pool

You need to know your primary purpose of the swimming pool. Is it for entertaining, exercise, physical therapy, or relaxing? This will help you understand the right style, size, and features to include.

2. Zoning Regulations

Your community probably has swimming pool construction regulations that you must comply with. Before you start planning for the installation project, you need to research them or work with a contractor who understands such rules. The common aspects influenced by these laws are the distance from the property line and the yard side you can put the pool.

3. Type of Pool

There are two major types of swimming pools: in-ground and above ground. You need to decide which one you want to construct to make the subsequent decisions easier. Each of these pool options has unique pros and cons. With the help of a competent pool contractor, you should settle on one that will work for you.

If you choose in-ground pool construction, you will also have to decide on the material. The common ones are concrete, vinyl-liner, and fiberglass. The popular materials of above-ground pools are steel, aluminum, resin, and hybrid. The expert will also help you choose one that is the most suitable for your home.

4. Safety

It is crucial to make sure that your swimming pool will be safe once it starts operating. For instance, you can plan to include a fence around it to prevent kids and pets from jumping in. Moreover, you can choose to have a rough finish at the entrance and exist to prevent slipping. If you don't want a rough surface, you can use non-stick mats at these spots.

5. Pool Contractor

The pool contractor you work with will determine if you have a successful swimming pool construction project or not. Hence, you might need to interview several contractors, comparing their portfolios, past client reviews, costs, and customer service. Choose one with the relevant experience and has friendly rates.

It is necessary to approach a swimming pool construction project with the same seriousness you would do in a home building project. The above factors can make your work more manageable, so you should consider them for a successful pool construction project.