Consider A Saltwater Hot Tub When You Want A Tub That's Easier To Maintain

4 September 2020
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If you're thinking of getting a hot tub for hydrotherapy or just for relaxation, you might want to consider a tub that uses salt rather than chemicals to purify the water. Talk to a hot tub dealer about the pros and cons of having a saltwater tub to see if it's right for you. Here are some benefits you might enjoy.

Maintenance Is Easier

Maintaining a saltwater tub is easier because you don't have to bother with using many chemicals. Instead, you insert a cartridge of salt and let the salt and control panel in the tub balance the chemicals. You might have to use other spa chemicals occasionally, and you'll still need to test the water regularly, but if balancing chemicals is a chore you're not fond of doing, then a saltwater system might be more to your liking.

You Save Water

Saltwater tubs can usually go much longer between refilling the water. You might have to drain and fill a chlorine tub several times a year, but a saltwater tub might go an entire year on a single refill. It depends on the tub model you have and how much you use the hot tub.

The Water Feels Softer

Just like salt is used to make soft water for your home, a salt makes the water in a hot tub feel silkier. You may also notice less skin irritation because a saltwater system has less chlorine in it. The saltwater is gentler on your eyes and hair, and there is no overpowering chlorine odor to bother you.

A saltwater tub still has chlorine in it to disinfect the water, but the chlorine is made by a reaction between the salt and electrified plates that break the salt down. This keeps the level of chlorine constant so the water is always clean and ready for daily use. If you use the hot tub daily and hate the effect chlorine usually has on your skin, you might appreciate the difference in the way your skin feels when you switch to a saltwater system.

There are several brands and models of saltwater tubs on the market, so visit a hot tub dealer to see them in person and compare features. Just like a standard tub, you'll find saltwater hot tubs in different sizes and with different seat configurations and water jet positions, so you can buy a tub that matches your needs perfectly.

You may want a tub you can stretch out in to relax after work, a tub for exercising, or a tub to help aching joints. When you have a tub that's easier to maintain, you may find you appreciate it more and use the tub more often.