4 Essential Maintenance Tips For Backyard Pools

8 August 2018
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Most pools, both above and below ground, need regular maintenance in order to remain in good condition. You need to make sure the water is properly treated and that each component is functioning properly to keep the water clean and prevent damage to the pool itself. Follow these pool maintenance tips to make sure your pool doesn't suffer damage because of unintentional neglect.

1. Keep the water level constant.

The water level in your pool can go down if your pool is left uncovered in the heat for an extended period of time. Water is also lost through splashing and regular pool use. Every week or so, check the water level to make sure that it is high enough for the pump to pull enough water into the filter. If your water level is not high enough, there will not be a good flow of water through the filter, which can be hard on the filter components and lead to trouble with getting your water clean. 

2. Check pH levels daily. 

Pool pH is one of the most important parts of maintenance. When the water is too acidic or too basic, your pool finish will suffer. Vinyl or tile pool liners will etch, eventually leading to cracks and holes. Fiberglass and gunite finishes can also start to wear away. You can start to see stains at the water lines, or cloudiness in the clear coat that gives your pool its pleasing appearance. Water pH is also essential for your health. When the water is not the right acidity, the health of your skin, hair, and teeth can suffer. 

3. Remove toys and inflatables when not in use. 

When you're done playing in the pool, make it a habit to clear out pool paraphernalia. Diving sticks and sinking toys can actually wear holes in vinyl pool finishes with the gradual motion of the water. Even inflatable pool pieces can rub along side the wall of the pool. Also, removing toys and floats from the pool makes it easier to stay on top of skimming and vacuuming every few days. 

4. Inspect and fix holes and cracks promptly. 

Every few weeks, check the pool liner for signs of damage. A good time to do this is during a vacuum session. After completely cleaning the pool, dive in and run your hands over the liner. If you notice cracks or small holes, have them checked by a pool service immediately. Leaks from the pool liner can have a drastic impact on the structural integrity of the pool itself. It's better to catch problems early when repairs are more simple. 

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