The Luxury Of A Custom Swimming Pool With An Infinity Edge

29 January 2018
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Have you ever seen an in-ground swimming pool that seems to have no actual edge on one side? This intriguing feature is most commonly known as an infinity edge. It's also called a disappearing, negative, or vanishing edge. If you would love to have a custom swimming pool in your yard and want a creative, imaginative design, this may be just what you're looking for.

About This Design

Once found only at upscale lodging establishments and in high-end residential neighborhoods, this type of swimming pool has the optical illusion of one side blending directly into the landscape. What the design really involves is the water spilling over a wall that's a bit shorter than the other walls. The water cascades to a basin underneath, after which it's circulated back into the pool.

From the short-wall side, you can see exactly how it works. From the opposite side and most other areas, however, that side of the pool appears to have no edge at all.

The vanishing edge can be applied to virtually any shape of in-ground swimming pool. Although oval and circular pools don't have well-defined sides, a pool contractor can still convert part of the rounded shape to an edge that appears to be nonexistent.


These pools are beautiful to view, but you'll need to consider the higher upfront installation cost, as well as ongoing expenses. A pump system must run to circulate the water that goes into the underlying basin. Also, if you prefer to cover your pool when it's not in use, talk with the contractor about how to accomplish this. Not all disappearing edge designs work with a cover.

Suitable For Any Purpose

A vanishing edge adds an extra level of serenity to time spent in a swimming pool, as you gaze out toward the horizon. It can bring to mind a natural pool in a grassy or wooded setting that has fewer clearly-defined edges than most swimming pools do.

In addition, your guests who have never seen one of these designs before will be very impressed. Instead of a traditional pool style, you'll have a showpiece for your landscaping. Whether you love to use your pool for exercise, relaxation, or entertaining, this design works for any purpose. 

Concluding Thoughts

Figure out your budget for this home improvement feature. Contact contractors who build custom swimming pools, and discuss what you have in mind. Then, you can decide on a specific size and shape, and start anticipating enjoyable times in your own backyard pool.

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