Three Tips for Caring for Your Grill

26 January 2017
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Having a high-quality grill near the swimming pool can be an excellent way for you to be able to enjoy the water while keeping on eye on your food that is cooking. However, it is a fact that people can often make serious mistakes when caring for their grills, and you will want to avoid these potential problems through the use of these basic grill-care tips.

Understand the Importance of Closing the Grill

When you are not using the grill, you will want to make sure that you keep it closed. This might not seem like an important task, but leaving the grill open can expose its interior to numerous forms of damage and problems. For example, it can be possible for the burner on a gas grill to become clogged due to dust and dirt collecting in it. Also, birds and squirrels may attempt to nest in the grill. Yet, these issues can easily be avoided through the simple act of closing the grill top when you are no longer using it.

Be Careful When Cleaning Ceramic Grills

Cleaning the grill on a regular basis is important for ensuring that your food does not absorb foul odors and tastes. An integral part of cleaning the grill is scrubbing away any food residue or soot and ash that has gathered inside the grill.

For those that have ceramic grills, it is necessary to avoid using hard-bristled cleaning devices for this task. These bristles can cause serious scratches to form in the ceramic tiling, and this may influence the way heat is distributed inside the grill. Furthermore, these scratches can weaken the ceramic tiles, and this might allow cracks or chips to form. To avoid these potential issues, a microfiber or cotton cloth should be used when cleaning these surfaces.

Properly Store the Grill During the Winter Months

Over the winter months, you are unlikely to need the grill on a regular basis. However, you will need to make sure that you are properly storing the grill to prevent it from rusting or suffering other forms of damage. A key step when preparing the grill for storage will be to thoroughly clean it. This step will help to make the grill a less attractive target for potentially damaging pests. Also, you should cover the grill with a cloth sheet. This sheet will protect the exterior of the grill while minimizing the risk of rust by allowing condensation to easily evaporate from the surface of the grill. Lastly, you should place the grill inside your garage or storage shed so that its exposure to the elements is minimized.

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