Dealing With Different Types Of Pool Leaks That Cause Water Problems And Loss

25 January 2017
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With the cold winter weather, there are some things that may be happening to your pool, which will turn into problems during the spring. Freezing and ice over the winter months leads to damage to your pool equipment and leaks in different areas. The leaks are not always in the pool, and sometimes they may be a problem with lines. Here are some of the different types of pool leaks that you may have to deal with this spring:

1. Pipes and Equipment Freezing and Leaking During Winter Months

One of the problems that cause pool leaks is not properly closing it. During the winter months, water that gets left in lines and equipment will freeze and cause leaks. This is because the lines have not had the water blown out of them. To prevent winter freezes from damaging your pool equipment, have a pool service correctly close your pool. During the closing, the lines will be drained and blown out with air. Getting the water out of equipment will saving you from a lot of headaches; trying to figure out where the leaks are coming from.

2. Pools Not Being Drained and Ice Damaging the Liner 

It is also important to partially drain your pool. Leaving the water level lower will reduce freezing problems and keep water out of pool lines and equipment. If you have a pool with a liner, the freezing ice will cut the vinyl and cause leaks during the spring time. Another option is to add a winter treatment to the water, which will act as an antifreeze and prevent ice from forming and cutting liners.

3. Tiles and Concrete Cracks That Develop Over the Years  

Liners are not the only type of pool leaks that are caused by ice; tile and concrete finishes will also be damaged with ice forming on the surface. If you have a tile pool, leaks will also develop over the years as the tiles expand and contract with changes in temperatures. During the spring when you are having maintenance done, a pool repair contractor can inspect your pool for small leaks and do the repairs that are needed before they grow into bigger problems.

These are some of the different types of pool leaks that you may have to deal with this spring. If your pool was not closed properly, you will need to contact a pool repair service like All-American Pools to help with finding and repairing leaks and equipment before you open you pool this year.